Thursday, 11 March 2010

Got New Landscapers Quote Today In Devon Village - Strimming And Hedge

A challenge for the Devon Landscapers (hedge is massive - one of those Cherry Laurel ones about 20 metres long - bit tricky too cos might have to wait til the birds have finished nesting!) Also, lawn is really uneven with loads of moss. Oh well, at least the owners dont have any dogs! I hate that! Oh... and slugs and strimmers dont mix!

Prunus laurocerasus is an evergreen shrub or small to medium-sized tree growing to 5 to 15 metres (16 to 49 ft) tall, rarely to 18 metres (59 ft), with a trunk up to 60cm broad. The leaves are dark green, leathery, shiny, (5–)10–25(–30)cm long and 4–10cm broad, with a finely serrated margin. The leaves can have the scent of almonds when crushed. The flower buds appear in early spring and open in early summer in erect 7–15cm racemes of 30–40 flowers, each flower 1cm across, with five creamy-white petals and numerous yellowish stamens. The fruit is a small cherry 1–2cm broad, turning black when ripe in early autumn.

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