Sunday, 30 August 2009

Devon Landscaping Tips For Finding The Right Landscape Gardeners For South Devon's Unique Terrain

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Devon Landscaping Tips - Designing The Right Garden For South Devon's Terrain

1. Test your soil.

Devon is a huge undulating county,spanning many earth and rock types (some of them very ancient) from acid to alkaline, so therefore it's a good idea to test your soil. Your garden will be most natural and easiest to maintain if you choose plants and features that complement it's landscape. It is also more cost effective as landscaping budgets will not be wasted upon plants that will never thrive. If you are not confident about spending hundreds of pounds on trees and shrubs through mail order, then take a quick consultation with an expert with local knowledge - for example give Richard from Green Grounds Landscape Gardeners Devon a quick call.

2. Find out about the prevailing wind and local weather conditions through the seasons for landscaping in Devon.

Plant purchase and labour costs can be saved through the careful placement of expensive specimen trees, hedging and shrubs. Devon's winds and gales can blow down from the moors or the sea and uproot trees and shrubs or whittle them into strange shapes. Local Devon landscaping gardeners can advise on planting, staking, tying or even plant some handsome specimen trees for you.

3. Take your time planning your Devon garden and observe local gardens and parks.

You can learn a lot about Devon landscaping from observing the plants that flourish in neighbouring gardens, stately homes and parks. This is a more reliable way of finding plants which will bloom happily in your own garden. Relying on garden centre displays is not a good idea as often plants are not chosen for local hardiness. Again, a quick consultation with an established Devon landscaping contractor such as Green Grounds Landscape Gardeners Devon can reassure you about the plants you have in mind and whether rhododendrons, bright azaleas or colourful hydrangeas are likely to do well.

4. Use local Devon landscaping contractors - they're likely to be much cheaper and more informative.

National or regional landscape gardeners may have to travel long distances over several days to complete your landscaping project. In previous times, this wasn't such an issue but since the recession, many have had to put their prices way up so that they can recoup heavy petrol or diesel costs. These costs can accrue quite alarmingly when you add in the budget for bringing in heavy plant which has had to be hired - or indeed heavy topsoil, gravel, paving or plant containers. Local Devon landscapers can use their unique local knowledge to source the best prices and deals. Delivery costs are often much lower as their suppliers may be just a few villages away.

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