Monday, 24 August 2009

Landscape Gardeners Devon - Cordless lawnmower review

Topselling battery operated cordless lawnmower has five star reviews - Green Grounds Landscape Gardeners Devon are watching it closely for developments....

This cordless lawnmower seems to be ideal for smaller and mid-sized lawns as it's quite light and quiet. Maintenance is less work too, as standard electric lawn mowers need regular safety checks. These mowers don't require non-stop top ups either, so we can forget about all that messy and smelly petrol or oil spilling and leaking all over the place and getting on our hands and clothes! This lawnmower is cordless so we are able to reach those parts of the jungle,er garden, where no man has ever gone before! - without that old fear of running over the electric cable. The nuisance of extension cables for lawnmowers should be a thing of the past now too.

We like the idea of having several cutting heights - there are three on this cordless mower and they are easy to change. The grass collection box is nylon and can take thirty litres - should be plenty enough for a an hour to an hour and a half of mowing time!

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