Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Pink Grape Hyacinths - New Varieties Are On Their Way - How To Grow Them

Pink Grape Hyacinths? We thought they were blue....until now! Row upon row of pink Grape Hyacinths would certainly turn a few heads, and there's something very pleasing about having something innovative and new in the garden - especially for those certain breed of gardeners that like to go one up on the neighbours.

The good news is that, like their blue cousins, the pretty new pink grape hyacinths are really easy to grow. Grape Hyacinths are already trusty, reliable little harbringers of Spring - and almost foolproof to cultivate. To learn how to grow the Pink Grape Hyacinths, you need do little more than just read the packet! So they are ideal for beginner gardeners to start with...or for a foolproof reward to encourage budding young gardeners who expect to see a result in the Spring for all their hard work.

1. Order early.
2. Check bulbs for damp, disease or damage.
3. Plant quickly.
4. Make sure they don't dry out.
5. Wait til Spring and look forward to the unusual results!

PS Don't forget to grow Pink Grape Hyacinths in containers too - how about throwing a few bulbs in shiny little silvery pots all ready to surprise Mom or Grandma with home made gifts on Mother's Day or birthdays?